Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Maintain Your Cab Slush Puppie Machine

Maintaining your Cab Slush Puppie machine is very important to making sure it runs trouble free during the time of year when you need it most. Slush Machines need yearly maintenance. The good news is, it is fairly easy to do!

Steps to Maintaining your Slush Puppie machine:
  1. Cab Slush Puppie Machine Maintenance Kit includes all the replacement parts needed to keep your machine running all year long. Slush Machine Part Number 41809619.
  2. Remove Bowls and Tops, clean using “Melt” Slush Machine cleaner. Melt does a great job of removing bowl stains caused by slush product.
  3. Clean condenser area of dirt and dust by using wisk broom or compressed air.
  4. Be sure the torque adjustment is set to zero. Note: torque adjustment is located on the back side of the machine accessed through a small plastic opening near drive motors.
  5. Replace and lubricate o-rings.
  6. Replace condenser filter if more than 2 years old or is showing age. Slush Machine Part Number 41808319.
  7. Replace bowls gaskets if more than 2 years old or showing age. Slush Machine Part Number 41808782.
  8. Check drive shaft for scoring or wear on the spigot end of the shaft. If there are wear marks on shaft replace drive shafts. Slush Machine Part Number 41809005.
  9. Evaporator Bushings and Seals are part of the Cab Maintenance Kit and needs to be replaced yearly. Remove bushings and seals with screwdriver prying them out carefully. This is the hardest part of the job.
  10. Check and add lubricant to motor pivot bushing points.
  11. Put a dab of lubricant on micro switch for moisture protection and free movement.
  12. Make sure condensate drains located on black deck area are clear of debris.
  13. Set timer.
  14. Check to be sure thermostat is set at #4 position. Thermostat is located on right hand side of machine behind black plastic panels.
  15. Run machine with bowls removed and timer set to freeze to see of you have a good frost line. A good frost line means the evaporator is frosted on all of evaporator1.
  16. Inspect scraper blades, replace if broken or cracked. Slush Machine Part Number 41809006.
  17. Check light bulbs - replace if necessary Slush Machine Part Number 41809691.
  18. Reassemble machine.

At times Cab Slush Puppie machine parts may need to be replaced depending on wear. These are usually easily replaced without the need to get an entirely new Slush machine.

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